Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm a blog slacker!

I admit it... I am a huge blog slacker!

I always think I am going to have more to say that I really do.  So this blog has suffered during the winter.  The chickens are doing great.  We had one chicken molt, but other than that the ladies were laying eggs all winter.

We are having a freakishly warm end of winter, it was even 60 a couple of days this week.  Which led me to start my garden seedlings up early this year.  Last year I was late and had bags full of green tomatoes so we should have lots of tomatoes early this year, especially if the summer is as warm as I am thinking it is going to be.

I have been busy working up some drawings for how I would like to have the garden look this summer, we are going to build some garden boxes for this years garden to maximize space, and maybe a fence to keep those pesky curious chickens out of the garden this summer.  Last summer they weren't interested in the garden at all until the tomatoes started to get ripe then they ate over 50 tomatoes in one day while we were at work, was not a happy girl!

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  1. Thanks for saying hi !! new chicks ! How fun ! Chickens always make me happy :)
    I can't believe they ate your tomatoes ! I raised once a pullet in my tomato garden and she never ate one ..????
    Oh your garden is going to be amazing !! FunFun !
    Have a super day !!!